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At Inhouse Services, we are well equipped to provide comprehensive market research recruitment in any number of geographic locations or social demographics.

These include, working solely with trained and experience recruiters, verifying all external project paperwork & performing quality control internally.

Teams of fully trained interviewers and supervisors have the skills to maximize their time in one or more locations with the best possible results to keep a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Inhouse Services will also oversee the whole research process, from understanding screening material right through to the delivery of final data. Our years of experience in the industry enable us to manage quantitative & qualitative fieldwork projects and ensure that quotas are met on time.

We are also equipped with fieldwork personnel that has experience in transcribing audio or video recorded interviews, ensuring that all important information from respondents are captured clearly and accurately.

Qualitative Research Services

  •          Focus Group Recruitment
  •          In Depth Interviews (IDIs)
  •          Telephone Recruitment
  •          List/Sample Recruitment
  •          Face to Face Recruitment 

Quantitative Research Services

  •          Self Completion Questionnaires

  •          Exit Interviews

  •          Face to Face Recruitment/Interviewing

  •          Telephone Recruitment/Interviewing

  •          On Street Interviews

  •          Postal Surveys

  •          Social Media Recruitment/Interviewing

Other Research Services

  •          Audio or video recorded interview transcribing

  •          Data entry template creation

  •          Data Entry