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About Inhouse Service

Inhouse Services is a market research fieldwork and project management agency with experience in all methods of qualitative, quantitative and medical research field management and recruitment.  

Inhouse Services combines meticulous quality controls that strives for best practices, to ensure that your research is on brief, on budget and on time – every time.

Our experience in market research fieldwork has led us to have an on-the-ball approach to fieldwork which puts us ahead of other fieldwork agencies.  Whether you need general consumers or high caliber, hard to source business respondents, our fieldwork personnel have the experience to source them.

We take the time to understand the distinctive demands of your research project and, through our precise fieldwork and data collection, deliver a personalized solution that gives you the insight that you require. In recognizing and understanding your research needs, our mission is to:


To explore how Inhouse Services can help with your market research requirements, contact us at

  • Build and maintain a partnership based on understanding specific research requirements
  • Maintain an unwavering commitment to the highest quality fieldwork and levels of service
  • Provide complete transparency in all aspects of market research fieldwork and project management
  • Creatively establish new recruitment methods to address research quotas that other fieldwork agencies cannot
  • Provide incomparable services in all aspects of fieldwork and project management